Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Maria's Ocean

Ok, when I started on this blogging journey, I said it would be about art, wine and food. So far, I have had recipes (food), and while making the food, drank plenty of wine. Alas, the art has not yet made it into the picture. So here is a little shameless promotion of my artwork!!

My roommate loves blue (as you can tell from the wall behind the painting). As she has really helped me out, and she loves abstract art (my forte), I decided to do a painting for her.

Now, I always find it hard to talk about my art, so this will be a small blog, but I will add a few close ups, Mr. DeMille.

As always, I chose to add a lot of texture with rich, deep brush strokes.

This was a fun painting to do as I always love working with new material and this was my first time to use opalescent (sparkly) paint. You really need to see it to really appreciate it.

The painting is 11 inches by 14 inches in a simple bronzed wood frame. I hope you enjoy looking at it and will post more of my art at a later date.


  1. Where the heck have you been dude? We miss you! Nice work, love that you showed the texture. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Hey!! Look who it is!!!

    I LOVE Maria's Ocean!

  3. Were you on hiatus to nurture your creativity? Cause it sure worked... took me a moment to get my sea legs, but that is Awesome Dude...!!! And I don't even like Blue... ;)

  4. love love love it!!! I cant decided if I see fishes in there or just sparkling water....which ever I decide, it just makes me wanna keep looking :)

    So happy you're back! Us working girls have missed you LOL